L-1900146 - Albany Rd 75 aces - Irrigated -PRICE REDUCED

3003 Albany Rd Basin City, WA


Details for 3003 Albany Rd Basin City, WA 99343

Description: The property is located in Franklin County, WA approximately 13 miles South of Othello or 3 miles NW of Basin City. This unit consists of 87.8 gross acres with the assessors office showing 75.9 net of right-a-way acres. Irrigation delivery ditches are on the north, east and west borders, which is the reason the right of way acreage is so large. Water is only delivered to this property by the west ditch. The property has a gradual slope from the western border flowing toward the east. Elevation along the west border is appr. 1,020 and slopes to an elevation of appr. 945 along the irrigation ditch that borders Albany Rd. The western portion is relatively flat with the sloping starting toward the middle. Orchard properties in the area appear to have similar elevation and slopes, making the property attractive for permanent plantings. The unit is cut by a power line; hence the need for 6 smaller pivots being used for irrigation.

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75.9 Acres
MLS ID: 0011FFA4-2FDB-11E8-BC06-F3927423BD52
County: Franklin
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